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Light Side Tattoo & Piercing has been proudly serving the artistic needs of historic Statesville since 2011. We believe we have the best tattoo artists around. Our artists are dedicated and focused on adding beauty to your skin. Light Side prides ourselves on not becoming complacent but instead we are driven to master our craft. If you are looking for a tattoo artist you can trust, then you found the right place.
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"I have been coming to this shop for 5 years now... I drive 5+ hours to get tattooed in this establishment. Super professional dudes that truly know and love what they do. There are very few shops like it around anywhere. Happy with all the work I have had done and customer service is always outstanding. Definitely planing more trips in the near future to get larger work."
— William L.

The Art of The Tattoo & Piercing

"Absolutely love Lightside. I’ve had piercings and tattoos from them. My most recent was from Jeremy. My mom and I loved being tattooed by him. He was respectful and caring as well as a fun person to talk with."

3 Reason For Why People Get Tattoo's

  • Memories
    It is more than preserving something for eternity; it is much more than just a picture of a pet or a family member. For many, it is about closure, it is about closing or healing a gap left by the demise of a beloved. It is about continuing with life, feeling as though their loved ones had never left their side.
  • Art
    Art exists in various forms, some take to the streets to display their liberal take on politics and society in the form of rebellious graffiti. Others paint abstract paintings and display them in an exhibition that fetches a handsome price. But art itself is a form of expression – to express feelings, characters or even a single thought on a canvas and to me (and to many others, I hope), our body is the best instrument.
  • Love & Passion
    This basically summarizes why people with ink, have ink. It could be a boyfriend/girlfriend’s name, it could be a love quote, a tribal design with no touching story behind it, it could be a portrait of your parents, a tattoo of your grandmother’s specs, it could be a signature, a song lyric, a single word in another language which signifies strength, faith, courage or love.


No One Under The Age Of 13 Permitted In Shop At Any Time