Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

“Do they hurt?”
Yes. But obviously, not unbearably. Everyone’s threshold for pain is very different. Sensitivity and tolerance vary from person to person. What your friend thought was painful may or may not be painful to you. Some people experience the sensation of being tattooed as tickling, as a massage, or even as nothing. If Angelina Jolie was able to stand the pain, chances are that you will be able to as well.

“How much will it cost?” 
The cost of a tattoo depends on the size, amount of detail, color, placement, and overall length of time required. The only way to accurately price a tattoo is to see the design in person, assess how long it will take, and decide how much work will be involved. The shop minimum price is $100.

 “Can I tan?”
You should not tan while the tattoo is healing. After it is healed, we recommend using sunblock with a high SPF before using a tanning bed or going into the sun. The darker your skin tone, the less likely it is that bright colors will show and sun or tanning will fade the color.

“Should I have my tattoo colored in?” 
This is a personal preference, but you should remember that color intensity varies form person to person. People with dark skin are less likely to show bright colors well. Also, the more a person bleeds during a procedure increases the likelihood of future color touch-ups.
“How long will it take to heal?” 
The standard answer is about two weeks or so. Again, everyone’s skin is a little different, and healing time can also be affected by a person’s general health, and how well the tattoo is taken care of.

“How do I take care of my new tattoo?”
After washing your hands, remove the bandage 1 hour after the application of the tattoo. Wash the tattoo carefully with cold water and a mild antibacterial soap. Rinse completely and pat dry with a paper towel. DO NOT WIPE WITH A TOWEL. Apply a very thin coat of A&D ointment. Repeat this process 2-3 times daily for the first three days. Then you may switch to a mild hand lotion for the next two weeks. Avoid any lotion with perfumes, dyes, or additives, especially aloe or vitamin E. Your tattoo should peel a few days after getting it. Any scabs that form are not be picked at or scratched, as this can result in a loss of ink. Always make sure you wash your hands before touching a healing tattoo. Avoid tanning, swimming, soaking the area, or exercising the area until the healing process is complete.

“My tattoo looks funny, is it infected?”
Tattoos tend to irritate easily, so if it is sore, red, or raw, don’t worry too much. These things happen. Chances are, if you have been careful about taking care of it, it is not infected. But if you are concerned that two weeks have passed, and it does not seem to be healing, come in to the shop, let us look at it, and then we will most likely assure you that it is not infected.