A Long Time Ago
From A Galaxy 
Far Far Away....

Guilty, I like Star Wars!

When I first started in this industry some 20 years ago as a body piecer,  I never imagined I would one day be a studio owner.  It's just something that happened, call it destiny or maybe chance. My love for this business predates me working in it.  After working for some good bosses and some that were less then steller, I learned how things are normally done. Then a time came when I felt it was time to do something different. I wanted a place that was more inviting and comfortable than the average tattoo shop.
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I opened Light Side in downtown Statesville to provide it and the surrounding communities an alternative for their tattoo and body piercings needs. A place where your ideas are brought to fruition on your skin. A place where you can feel comfortable to ask questions and be treated with respect while getting professional  and courteous services. Here at Light Side we pride ourselves in our cleanliness, professionalism and our creativity. Stop by and check us out. The light is always on.

Tim Witmer
  • From parts unknown, standing 6'3", weighing in at 205 pounds
  • Three time fantasy football champ
  • Purveyor of traditional and exotic body adornments
  • And bringer of SMILES
Specializing in traditional  and exotic body piercings
For more then 2 decades